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Do you have identity issues that your parents couldn't (wouldn't) explore with you? 

Mixed Race? Dual-Heritage? Multi-Ethnic? Biracial?


However, you choose to describe yourself.


Do you feel angry, confused, misjudged or that you just don't fit in?

I offer counselling which can help you feel grounded and confident in yourself, so you can embrace all the wonderful aspects that make you unique.


Did you know that 'mixed race' is the fastest-growing ethnic minority in the country? With 1.25 million people identifying as such, according to the 2011 census and numbers are expected to continue rising.


This population shift can be seen as a more multi-cultural and cosmopolitan society. However, being mixed-race or of dual-heritage has its own specific emotional issues that are largely overlooked. Some of the problems that come up are racial & cultural isolation, identity stripping, shadism and how to bridge the gap between cultures. 


Find out how I can help you with counselling that is specialized for people from mixed backgrounds.


''Life Is A Journey, Not A Race."